Bisuketto Studio

Bisuketto Studio was started in 2015 and the name bisuketto is derived from the Japanese word, biscuit.  This refers to the biscuit firing or the first firing in the world of ceramics.  This is a turning point where clay once soft and pliable is set in permanence by heat, a moment where the form is irrevocably determined.  It is also an intimate, behind the scenes moment, between maker and clay before it gets dressed in glaze and fired to its final state.  Ceramics, for me, is essentially a functional art form.  Much like my experience in Architecture, it is a functional form of creative expression just at a different scale.  Born from a concept, you sketch it out, model it, refine the design, make the piece and you use it, perhaps refine the design yet again.  I find it is amazing that clay, essentially earth, can be transformed by hands, water and fire, and when the alchemy is right the piece is cherished as part of daily ritual.